Hair Restoration Product: ABC-004

Hair Restoration Product: ABC-004

Restoring your hair

ABC-004 promotes natural hair growth by activating existing stem cells on the scalp.

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Repairing, reconstructing and replacing your skin tissue

Ayama™ contains an extract from subcutaneous dermal white fat tissue that helps repair, reconstruct and replace your skin tissue.

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Rejuvenating your skin

Prana contains a high concentration of live, pure human-derived cellular factors and proteins that encourage skin rejuvenation.

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Scar Healing Product: ABC-001

Healing your scars

ABC-001 Helps the native skin tissue reconstruct and replace missing or damaged tissue by providing fresh skin tissue and associated supplements needed for natural skin functions.

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Wrinkle Remover Product: ABC-002

Removing your wrinkles

ABC -002 reduces facial wrinkles, promotes cell turnover and increases collagen production and it can be used for topical or subdermal or subcutaneous injections where fat naturally exists.

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Wound Care Product: ABC-003

Healing your wounds

ABC-003 repairs cosmetic defects in the skin and injured skin due to surface wounds.

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Our Ultimate Goal

The goal is to make stem cell-based anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and reparative products accessible and available to everyone who can benefit from them.